About Us


We are Steven & Jaclyn and we are the owners of Ohio Direct to Film. We have been making apparel for several years using Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV). Although HTV is great, we had to turn down many customers that had full color and detailed designs. The times it takes to cut and weed vinyl was also a factor in our decision to explore other options. We decided to step out and purchase commercial DTF equipment to bring our customers a superior product. We know others also need these transfers but may not be able to commit to printing full time. We would love to help others in the apparel industry expand their offerings by using DTF transfers. 

Why DTF?
DTF is a more universal decoration method that can be applied to most fabrics (cotton, poly, blends and more) and any fabric colors.  DTF even prints in white and has a super soft hand (feel) compared to heat vinyl and even screen print.  Using quality DTF transfers is a fast process, and using our service we'll get the prints into your hands fast!
We hope to earn your business and look forward to serving you!
Custom T-shirts
We do still offer custom t-shirts for locals to central Ohio. Please contact us for a quote via email info@ohiodtf.com