What is DTF?

If you are looking for a printing technology with flawless final designs that can be used on most fabric types with an exact depiction of the image, DTF is the answer!

Direct to Film or DTF is a process that transfers prints onto fabric or other substrates using a heat-press.  Unlike the DTG method, which only works on cotton fabrics or sublimation which only works on polyester, the DTF method can work on cotton, polyester, cotton/poly blends and many other fabrics with no pre treatment.

The application process is quite simple and only requires a heat press, and of course a shirt (or fabric substrate of some sort). Click Here  for Pressing Instructions. 

    We think you will love the flexibility of these transfers because you are no longer limited to a specific type of fabric or even specific colors.

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     Here's a full tutorial on pressing DTF prints on T-shirts